Produced by Rusty
Co-Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tancredi Barbuscia

Drums and Bass recorded by Tancredi Barbuscia at Green River Studio
Guitars recorded by Rusty at Zeta Factory
Voices recorded by Olly Riva at The Rockers studio
Mixed and Mastered by Tancredi Barbuscia at Green River Studio
Music by Klogr
Lyrics by Rusty and Todd Allen
Artwork by


KLOGR PRESS RELEASES 2012-2013 // download

Klogr - Draw Closer
Music video by Klogr performing "Draw Closer" (Video).
Produced by Zeta Factory
Directed by Flush Design
Editig & Color Correction by Flush Design
ISRC code: IT94J1300024
C&P Zeta Promotion s.r.l.
Single from Album: Black Snow (2014)
Produced by Zeta Factory
Distributed by Master Music - Bertus - Believe Digital

KLOGR (pronounced Kay - log - are) is an Italian alternative rock/metal project-band formed in 2011.
The band's name is a reference to a renowned psychophysical law (S = K log R) which was developed in the 19th century by Weber and Fechner; the law is related to the changes in human perception according to different types of stimuli.  Behind the powerful sound and concept of KLOGR there's Rusty, frontman and mastermind of the project 11-11-11 has been chosen as debut date for KLOGR first album "Till You Decay".  
The response to the album is prompt and enthusiastic, both in terms of reviews and public. The album is promoted internationally through an American Tour in the West Coast (10 dates in January 2012) and many live shows in Italy and in France. From this album are released two videos: "Bleeding" and "Silk And Thorns".

In September 2012, KLOGR starts collaborating with Italian alt-rock band Timecut. From this new artistic partnership is released the EP "Till You Turn" (out on November 2012) which includes a featuring with Maki from Lacuna Coil and two tracks mixed by Logan Mader (Machine Head/Soulfly).
The release of "Till You Turn" is followed by a European Tour with shows in Belgium, Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Lettonia, Lithuania, Finland and a final show at prestigious Sweden Rock Festival on June, 7 2013.
In between tour dates, KLOGR is actively supporting the international organization Sea Shepherd in defense and protection of the marine wild-life. Like other artists involved in the fund raising (Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gojira to name a few) KLOGR shoot a music video "Guinea Pigs". The video is released in May 2013 and gets shared worldwide to increase public awareness about the cause.
Two more videos are released from the EP: "King of Unknown" (January 2013) and "Vultures Feast" (December 2013).

In summer 2013 KLOGR starts the production of their second full length album: "Black Snow". 
To support the promotion of the upcoming album, the band engages a 23-dates European Tour with American alt-metal band Prong.

'Black Snow' is the second full lenght album of alternative/rock metal band KLOGR.  
A massive anathema against the destructive acts operated by human kind, 'Black Snow' is delivered musically with smacking and massive tunes supported by a flawless production. "Man has been contaminating everything for years and this is certainly not a positive thing." - explains Rusty, referring to 'Black Snow' - "What was meant to be evolution is revealing itself to be an environmental and intellectual pollution heading to self destruction". 
The lyrics of the 12 tracks on 'Black Snow' are about a broken world, where a prompt reaction is mandatory and there's no room for hesitation, faking or excuses. 'Black Snow' is a powerful work of raw rage, with room for beautiful melodies and melancholic ballads such as 'Heart Breathing' and 'Ambergris (Whale Song)'.
Opening track 'Zero Tolerance' was written in support of the conservation of sea wildlife organization Sea Shepherd and its title is the name of one of their mission.

Recorded between Zeta Factory and Green River studios, the album was produced by Rusty and Tancredi Barbuscia. The result is something which cannot be labeled as pertaining to just one music genre and perhaps this is what makes this album so captivating. It flows from towering and aggressive parts to others dominated by hypnotic atmospheres and the charismatic work of the musicians, in a sonic continuum linking all tracks within the solid frame of the album. 'Black Snow' is scheduled to be released worldwide in March 2014 and will be promoted live with a 23 dates European Tour with American alternative metal band Prong.



(Past and Upcoming)
FEBRUARY 07th 2014 Rho (IT)
MARCH 26th Essen (DE) (opening act for Prong)
MARCH 27th Haarlem (NL) (opening act for Prong)
MARCH 28th Roermond (NL) (opening act for Prong)
MARCH 29th Antwerp (BE) (opening act for Prong)
MARCH 30th London (UK) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 01th Glasgow (UK) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 02th Manchester (UK) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 03th Wolverhampton (UK) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 04th Paris (FR) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 05th Köln (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 06th Karlsruhe (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 08th Saarbrücken (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 09th Aarau (CH) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 10th München (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 11th Wien (AT) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 12th Prag (CZ) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 13th Krakow (PL) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 15th Berlin (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 16th Bremen (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 17th Hamburg (DE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 18th Kopenhagen (DK) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 19th Gothenburg (SE) (opening act for Prong)
APRIL 20th Stockholm (SE) (opening act for Prong)

TOUR & LIVE 2013
NOVEMBER 30th Ascoli Piceno (IT)
NOVEMBER 29th Pozzuoli (IT)
OCTOBER 24th Chieti (IT)
OCTOBER 04th Milano (IT)
AUGUST 09th Rimini (IT)
JULY 10th Correggio (IT)
JULY 05th Lomagna (IT)
JUNE 07th Solvesborg (S) Sweden Rock Festival Solvesborg (Sweden)
MAY 05th Lainate (IT)
MAY 01th Acquaviva delle Fonti (IT)
APRIL 20th Zielona Gora (PL)
APRIL 19th Bielystok (PL)
APRIL 18th Villnius (LT)
APRIL 17th Jelgava (LV)
APRIL 14th Helsinki (FIN)
APRIL 11th Tallinn (EE)
APRIL 10th Riga (LV)
APRIL 09th Elk (PL)
MARCH 30th München (DE)
MARCH 29th Valdoie (FR)
MARCH 28th Zweibrücken (DE)
MARCH 27th Hannover (DE)
MARCH 26th Chemnitz (DE)
MARCH 23th Eragny (FR)
MARCH 22th Lille (FR)
MARCH 21th Paris (FR)
MARCH 20th Quincy-Voisins (FR)
MARCH 16th Dokkum (NL)
FEBRUARY 16th Charleroi (BL)
JANUARY 18th Rho (MI)
JANUARY 12th Pescara (IT)
JANUARY 11th Bari (IT)

TOUR & LIVE 2012

DECEMBER 21th Liscate (IT)
DECEMBER 16th Milan (IT)
DECEMBER 14th Pozzuoli (IT)
DECEMBER 12th Correggio (IT)
DECEMBER 10th Milan (IT)
DECEMBER 09th Milan (IT)
DECEMBER 04th Forlì (IT)
NOVEMBER 17th Villa Conte (IT)
AUGUST 26th Gonars (IT)
JULY 20th Torino (IT)
JULY 19th Castelfidardo (IT)
JULY 12th Correggio (IT)
JUNE 30th Prato (IT)
JUNE 29th Frosinone (IT)
JUNE 28th Pozzuoli (IT)
JUNE 27th Roma (IT)
JUNE 23th Cremona (IT)
JUNE 17th Milan (IT)
JUNE 09th Nice (FR)
JUNE 08th Luynes (FR)
JUNE 07th Valdoie (FR)
JUNE 06th Reims (FR)
MAY 12th Ascoli Piceno (IT)
MAY 11th Forlì (IT)
MAY 05th Villa Conte (IT)
FEBRUARY 2012 Parma (IT)
FEBRUARY 2012 Carpi (IT)
FEBRUARY 2012 Milan (IT
FEBRUARY 2012 Milan (IT)
JANUARY 29th West Hollywood (USA)
JANUARY 28th Sacramento (USA)
JANUARY 27th Medford (USA)
JANUARY 26th Everett (USA)
JANUARY 25th Seattle (USA)
JANUARY 25th Tacoma (USA)
JANUARY 24th Portland (USA)
JANUARY 23th Salem (USA)
JANUARY 22th San Francisco (USA)
JANUARY 20th San Benadino (USA)
JANUARY 19th San Diego (USA)

TOUR & LIVE 2011
DECEMBER 02th Mirandola (IT)
NOVEMBER 11th Correggio (IT)