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Italian alt-metal band KLOGR (pronounced Kay-log-are, if you can believe it) are likely a band you’re not too familiar with, so allow us to introduce you. With a hard rock musical style that can fit in with groups like Lacuna Coil and Karnivool alike with the globally conscious subject matter made savvy by Gojira, the group are set to release their new album Black Snow on April 29th. We’ve got a sneak peak of the record with a new track titled ‘Guilty and Proud,’ which you can stream below.

Another track, ‘Zero Tolerance,’ is available now on iTunes, and proceeds from the first 500 downloads will be going directly to non-profit wildlife conservationism organization Sea Shepherd in an effort to fight against dolphin slaughter in Taiji. Gojira’s got the market cornered on whales, so why not pick up the slack for dolphins? Go pick that up if you like what you hear, and you could potentially be saving the lives of those beautiful sea creatures.

Again, Black Snow will be available April 29th through Zeta Factory Records. Visit KLOGR on Facebook for more.