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Today the band reveals an incredible news: Prong drummer, Art Cruz, will feature the new remixed single and video of “Technocracy” that will be premiered on November 2nd. The video has been directed and edited by Roberto Zampa (also director of King of Unknown, Breaking Down, Breathing Heart and Sleeping Through The Seasons).

But that’s not all! In addition, KLOGR announce that Art will be also special guest of the upcoming tour in support of The Rasmus!

Rusty comments: “Being able to work with Art Cruz is so great! I met Art the first time in 2014 on the European tour with Prong. After the tour, he stopped in Italy as our guest for a week and on that occasion we have consolidated a friendship that I would define fraternal. We've been back in Los Angeles a couple of times and we talked about a hypothetical collaboration this year for a series of events. And this is finally about to come true! A song together, a Tour ... It's really magnificent! I can't wait to start!”

Art adds: “When I first found out about a group of Italians jumping on the Prong bus during our 2014 European tour, I was excited because I have a genuine love for Italian culture. I couldn’t wait to ask them every question about Italy – I grew fond of their sound on the tour and it opened me up to listening to more music that I wouldn’t normally listen to. Hanging out on tour turned into ideas and ideas turned into reality when I stayed with Rusty for a week following that run.
I’m thrilled to step out of my comfort zone musically on this tour and experience a new adventure with one of my good friends. His drive and talent has inspired me and I cant wait to share the stage with him.”