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240 pagesincluding the PANTERA coverstory for 20 years “Far Beyond Driven”, part IV of the column by NIKLAS KVARFORTH (Shining)
- exclusive BEHEMOTH-Live-CD
- LEGACY-COMPILATION-CD with 18 Songs from Savage Messiah, Crematory, Crisix, Demoriel, Voidhanger, Klogr, Portal, Nocturnal Witch, Manheim, Anomalie, Blood Runs Deep, Toxic Waltz, Rotten Dregs, Furious Anger, One Last Legacy, Torment Of Souls, Brutal God, Broken Fate
* 4 posters(Pantera, Behemoth, Svarttjern, Acheron)
INTERVIEWSwith Anette Olzon, Carnifex, Chthonic, Crematory, Dornenreich, Edguy Haemorrhage, Hatriot, Hirax, Lost Society, Manowar, Massacre, Nasum, Nocturnal Breed, Purgatory, Savage Messiah, Subway To Sally, Therion, Tuomas Holopainen, Unantastbar and many more
Available February 28th!