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Hi guys! We're excited to announce to you the recording of brand new songs, written with our final line up (Rusty, Joba, Pietro & Rob).

We're in the studio right now, producing 2 newly written tracks plus a remake of one from Black Snow (guess which one...). These 3 songs will appear on the EP/DVD bundle that we'll release early in 2015 through Zeta Factory/The End Records and three big names from the hard&heavy scene are working on the production: Roberto Priori (producer, guitarist & mix/mastering in projects such as Danger Zone, Morphology, Tying Tiffany, Arthemis), the American producer and songwriter Jody Gray (Ezo, Loudness, Casino Drive, Onslaught, Steele, Shonen Knife) and Michele Luppi (MLB, Secret Sphere, MrPig, Killing Touch, Vision Divine, Steve Rogers Band).

If you can't resist seeing us play live, don't miss us on November 6 we'll be re playing with Germany’s alternative metal band Guano Apes at the Live Music Club in Trezzo (Milan area).